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Jessie J boasts of finding the perfect man

The popular English songwriter and singer said that her strong feministic attitude often scared off suitors, keeping men at a distance from her. However she is delighted to have found the ultimate man in her life, who she claims celebrates and respects her as a woman.

The 30 year old American singer Luke James seems to be the recent man in her life, whom she is extremely delighted about. Jessie on recently returning after spending her New Year vacation in Jamaica is head over heels about her affair.Talking to a newspaper, she mentioned that she wants to make this relationship work and will definitely do the same. She further says that one always works harder to get or retain things they desire and Luke is one such person in her life. Read more »

Jessie J speaks about her friendship with Adele

Before getting the popularity as a globetrotting diva and receiving her very first Grammy nod, Brit singer Jessie J was just a student along with a few killer pipes at United Kingdom’s well known BRIT School along with Skyfall singer Adele.

Recently, while speaking to a leading magazine, the 26 year old singer told that they were in the same year. During lunchtime, they used to sing together. At that time they both did not realize that once they would be so popular. She further added that her friend is just amazing. She always had that bright energy when she was in school.

Jessie told that she is still very friendly with Adele, but they do not always get time to connect. She told that she is wicked, and every time she get a chance, she try and text her. But she always stays busy – she is a Global superstar and now a mum.

She also expects that they could someday team up and record together. Jessie J added that Adele is on her wish-list. Jessie would love to listen to both their voices together because they are very different vocally. With a laugh, she added that they would not do a classic pop song, though, but something deeper.

Though she is popular for her catchy tracks like Price Tag, she actually started out as a track writer, penning pop hits like Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown.

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Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J Makeup Tutorial

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Jessie J returns to her short black hair

After boasting a series of eye catching hair pieces after she arrived in Los Angeles previous week, singer Jessie J settled to go back to her origins earlier on Friday. The British music artist flaunted her cropped hair as she entered the recording studio in a black and grey casual dress.

Switching the colorful wigs for a couple of trainers, the twenty five year old appeared very cool and relaxed when she sported red bright lipstick. Later in the day, she said her rooters: ‘4 new songs! Sounding soooo good! I cannot wait for this year to happen! Woooooo!’, suggesting her session had gone well.

After joining some of her buddies in the Hollywood Hills for a morning hike this week, the singer’s active lifestyle was evidently making up as she flaunted her trim pins in tight fitting leggings. Not subject to her footwear, the star also preferred for a bold t-shirt that had the word “GIRL” printed across her chest.

Adding a trace of enchant to her otherwise low key appearance, Jessie J donned black shades while carrying some YSL arm candy. She completed her look with some large hoop silver earrings as she walked across the parking lot with a male friend. She shared some snaps her and her friend and she also commented: ‘My nose looks like it’s attached to the glasses and my T shirt says “GIRL” lol’, before adding: ‘Comfy shoes to sing a ballad in’.