One Direction may shave Jessie J’s head

Jessie J and British boy band One Direction are working hard promote Red Nose
day this year with Jessie J promising to shave her head and the One Direction members releasing their charity song One Way or Another.

Jessie J has hinted that she has plans to have a heart shaped tattoo on head once her long locks are gone. The twenty four year has agreed to shave her head for Comic Relief as well as will be one of several of the celeb ‘Fun Raisers’ who will do different tricks to raise charity money.

While speaking to a leading celeb gossip website, Jessie J told that she want something like a heart, so it will remind her that she did it for charity. Last month, while speaking to BBC London Radio about her dramatic decision, she told that people must not be self obsessed and they must do something nice for the world.

When questioned whom she would like to be in charge of that job, she told that at this point of time it is her hairdresser who is doing this, but she think that they could look at that, probably she must get one of the One Direction boys to do that.

While speaking about Red Nose Day, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson told that they are very excited. Red Nose Day is a great excuse to have a lot of fun and to raise money.